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Flou inspirations

Research and Creativity

Materials, explorative journeys and interesting combinations to suit every style.

Every year we prepare, select and study a new exclusive fabric collection, the result of depth research into materials and textiles that live together in perfect equilibrium and harmony.

This universe should be explored by people who love experimenting with esthetics; however, it is also a reference point for professionals of interior design who will find suggestions and all of the support necessary to produce their very best work.

  • 001


    Combinations that ooze personality and charisma, reminiscent of the ever-changing appearance of water, transformed into the most intriguing and elegant alternative to the classical greens or the traditional blues.
  • Pastel shades

    The more delicate shades of colors such as yellow, become an unexpected option and a distinctive sign in the furnishing choices, with plain or jacquard fabrics in expertly mixed colored yarns and ribbons that create an original effect of luminosity and freshness.

    • Murano 932
    • Gregory 968
  • Marea also belongs to the world of teal or petrol blue; in this case, the new colors are diluted, with just a hint of shading as is the case for the Murano fabric.

    Alternately, the strong, resistant fabric Margot, in which the yarns of different thicknesses create effects of depth and movement, evanescent entities like the waves of the ocean.
  • Private Light

    When technology is at the service of esthetics, the results are often astonishing. And even more so in this heat-structured creation in shades of pale gray.


    A chenille mélange of great chromatic depth: chairs and sofas appear soft and inviting with this upholstery.

  • Murano

    A grosgrain fabric with fine relief ribbing in colors, in the summery, joyful shades of the world of Marea with just a hint of shading.


    The cold sharpness of black metal is the ideal partner for geometric textures, and closes the circle of a distinctive style between modernity and tradition.

  • Moss

    Clean and elegant, Moss is produced in a range of delicate shades that ensure it is trending and versatile.

    Marmo di Carrara

    Carrara marble – one of the most famous marbles in the world. It is luxurious and stylish, a symbol of both modernity and tradition. A material that adds a sumptuous quality of uniqueness when used.
  • 002


    Colors that belong to the ‘red’ universe soften the more determined personalities, and are transformed in another world into delicate blooms.
  • Silk Georgette

    This is marble in its most classical state, with irregular veins and lines that only nature can produce. Combined with the dreamiest colors imaginable it produces unbelievably stylish articles of enormous esthetic impact.


    Texture is expressed in numerous ways. In this case, the identification of irrational structures and apparently casual lines always produces the same outcome: accurate details and a quest for innovative design solutions.
  • Fashionable warmth

    The perfect combination for delicate inspirations in the world of Bocciolo. The fabric Lester is deliberately fluffed-up, uneven, and is the perfect partner for the severity and the texture of the sablé gray metal, thanks to the special finish, that attenuates the coldness of this material.
  • Fashionable warmth

    Spanning from shades of pink to ecrù to create an infinite range for interior designs that are warm and trend-setting.

    • Calvin 929
    • Seattle 568
  • Moss

    Stylish and elegant, Moss has been produced in a range of delicate shades to create something versatile and very much in vogue.

    Pelle pieno fiore

    Our top quality full grain leather has been processed in full respect of the natural grain to preserve the qualities, the marks, the natural swirls and flaws that are part of its wonderful history.
  • A quest for excellence.

    Whether smooth with understated hints of shading or structured, full-bodied textures, our upholstery fabrics always emerge from research oriented to excellence and maximum performance.

    • Nina 751
    • Murano 936
  • 003


    Geometric shapes and uneven weaves are the symbols that extend to horizons that know no bounds.
  • All the colors of the earth

    An infinite range of shades and colors open to exploration and imagination, combining tiny symmetrical shapes and robust fabrics in neutral shades of gray and ecrù.
  • Léon

    This fabric has a frosted appearance and creates the glistening magic a frozen field in winter; there is a hint of a two-tone pattern which changes under the effects of the refracted light.


    Another warm, cozy fabric, designed to enhance and characterize the shapes of the most exclusive furniture.
  • Greg

    The natural qualities of linen and the softness of chenille combine in this beautiful fabric that is delightful to touch, has large volume and has been created with a delicate melange of colors.


    Metals guide us to the earth and its elements; a wonderful combination for people who love natural living without compromising on elegance and exclusiveness.
  • Unexpected combinations

    Calacatta Oro marble has characteristic yellow-gold veining; here it meets the texture of Project porcelain stoneware in a warm shade of Liquorice; the understated scratched effect is surprisingly pleasant to touch.
  • Micro and macro effects

    The grain of this fine leather can almost be described as a micro motif; the texture, the marks and the natural flaws of this precious material have been preserved. It can also be found in the macro motif of the Brandon jacquard: a combination that is elegant and should never be taken for granted.

    • Leather PF11
    • Brandon 967
  • Marble

    This material lasts a lifetime: it is strong, solid and durable. Thanks to its sinuous veining in the characteristic yellow-gold hues, our Calacatta Oro marble can be perfectly combined with many different materials, such as wood and metal.

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  • 004


    A color scale that represents a return to basics with strong and unexpected precious and luminous shafts of gold that add a modern, contemporary and unmistakeably exclusive touch.
  • Brandon

    A jacquard fabric with a modern captivating design; the rich shades of honey forge an immediate contact with its most authentic and bright qualities.


    This fabric has a simple structure yet it promises softness and warmth to touch thanks to the golden hues.
  • A thousand sparkles

    A mood where everything is related to light. The fine lame yarn in the weave of the Ducale fabric adds an elegant gleaming metallic effect and clearly refers to the warmest and richest finishes: oxidation and precious glints of polished gold.
  • Marble fit for an empire

    Marble is a material that will always astound; the Impero Romano marble with its dark veining and its caramel-brown spots immediately creates a wonderfully warm sensation.
  • Monaco

    An unusual two-colored twisted yarn characterizes this jacquard fabric that glistens with warm reflections and unique mélange effects; produced in a host of fashionable shades.


    Once again contemporary and original, this timeless classic that has been revisited with a new palette of colors. It is bright and warm, and stops short of glossy.
  • The choice of softness

    In our fabrics, we are looking for the perfect balance between body, practicality and softness. The quest for the best colors has been joined by weaves with chenille yarn and exciting depth of color, for upholstered furniture that exudes comfort.

    • Calvin 928
    • Land 775
  • 005


    A journey through cold colors that perfectly express an orientation to minimalism and attention to detail.
  • Marble finishes

    Black and white are tinged with random splashes and shades while managing to preserve the esthetic style and elegance.

    • Carrara N060
    • Arabesco N070
  • Oak

    The luxurious texture of oak emerges when the incident light reveals its complex and well-appointed structure.


    When technology is at the service of esthetics, the results are always astonishing. And even more so in this case with this heat-structured creation in shades of pale gray.

  • Dorian

    An exclusive Jacquard fabric produced with viscose and linen; the bouclé weft resulting has an original natural-effect pattern that is wonderfully soft to touch.
  • Clark

    Strong and irresistible to touch, this fabric reinterprets the classical rug. A mixture of wool, viscose, acrylic and cotton yarns create weft and warp in a soft bicolor effect.

    Metallo Nero(black metal)

    The understated black metal becomes the ideal companion for geometric textures, completing the circle of a distinctive style that bridges modern esthetics and classical traditions.
  • Canvas

    A timeless classic, a versatile, strong fabric in twisted cotton thread that lends itself to myriad uses ensuring maximum reliability and esthetic value.


    Rich, exclusive, with depth, a fabric to be combined with neutral shades to inject movement into shapes and lines. Dedicated to people who love understated yet impact weaves.
  • Similar intentions

    Texture can be expressed in many ways. In this case, through the identification of irrational structures and apparently casual lines, the result is always the same: exceptional precision and a strong orientation towards research into avant-garde solutions.

    • Saffiano N039
    • Project N021

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  • 006


    A journey through delicate shades of dreams for people who do not limit their imagination and love to let their minds wander.
  • Jasper

    The combination of volume and compactness creates an extraordinary result. Ideal fo people searching for a unique abundance of unusual and exclusive colors.


    The inspiration in this case? The Impressionist art movement of course! The perfect equilibrium between the soft bouclé in a range of colors and consistency creates a three-dimensional visual and tactile effect.
  • Over

    Compact, minimal, strong, yet soft and comfortable. The bouclé effect is emphasized by a complex, meticulous process that leads to an impeccable result.

    Silk Georgette

    This is marble in its most classical state, with irregular veins and lines that only nature can produce. Combined with the dreamiest colors imaginable it produces unbelievably stylish articles of enormous esthetic impact.
  • Hide

    This reliable, strong and extremely hygienic fabric was produced using traditional manufacturing processes. Illustrated here in colors Mastice (putty) and Cenere (ash), it exudes contemporary living and intrinsic elegance.

    • Hide 5G
    • Hide 5F
  • Alvin

    The natural properties of cotton and the special treatment it has been given produce velvet-like softness. Ideal to add color and a soft, gentle touch to your home.


    The fabric is dense and almost saturated with color. Its structural simplicity was developed to enhance more complex textures and it was designed to produce an eye-catching result that manages to preserve maximum style continuity.

    We design and study the fabric inspired by avantgarde developments for results that are always different and unique. Our Epoque range offers infinite solutions to satisfy even the most challenging requirements.

    • Epoque N051
    • Epoque N052
  • 007


    Those who love discretion will find in this palette quintessential classy elegance spiced with understated energy.
  • Wood and marble

    A balanced combination that has always offered delightful esthetic solutions. The soft shades of wood exalt the veining of the warm marble. These two materials appear to have been made for each other.

    • Ebano N089
    • Emperador N064
  • Alvin

    The double structure is strong yet soft to touch. It is a simple yet high quality fabric that can be combined perfectly with more complex, processed textures.


    Double jacquard with a beautiful weave of linen, cotton and viscose of different plies give rise to plain and bicolor three-dimensional effects.
  • Bruce

    Sumptuous, exclusive, with depth, this is a fabric that combined with neutral shades injects movement to the shapes and the lines. Dedicated to people who are comforted by the reassurance of geometric coherence.


    When the metal is tinged with warm shades of bronze, the entire context is enhanced in an absolute - though not total- riot of elegance and austere style.
  • Authentic beauty

    Technically-innovative green fabrics, inspired by twists of nature result from careful research into primary materials and the intrinsic properties of the yarns. The solidity of the colors, the stylish weaves and the warm welcoming tones ensure that they are luxurious yet practical.

    • Gary 793
    • Eva 816
  • Bronze materials

    Texture is expressed in numerous ways. In this case, the identification of irrational structures and apparently casual lines always produces the same outcome: accurate details and a quest for innovative design solutions..

    • Saffiano Bronzo N040
    • Oxide T032
  • 008


    The discovery of harmonious shades par excellence, for people who wish to live surrounded by warmth and serenity.
  • Pacific

    An impressive jacquard with the warp thread twisted with mélange and fine polyamide. The thick chenille entwines with a viscose yarn to create movement in the weft thread suggesting the soft consistency of velvet.


    The texture is uneven and has a silky appearance thanks to the mélange that injects sheen and luminosity. The yarn mix surprisingly includes jute, an extremely sustainable natural fibre and not commonly used in soft furnishings.
  • Stylish shapes

    The luxury of Jacquard enriched with sparkles, thanks to the addition of viscose yarn that perfectly enhances the texture of the soft, light Nabuck leather, with its characteristic delicate suede touch.

    • Nabuk N82
    • Vermont 832

  • Time will prove us right

    Resistant, solid, long-lasting. However, thanks to an innovative and precise procedure, it emits energy and creates a delightful texture. Perfectly presented in colors inspired by Equilibrium that complements the shades of equilibrium and harmony.

    • Velasca N020
    • Bianco di Carrara N060
  • Ross

    An extremely fine weave of nature’s yarns and different thicknesses inspired by the age-old art of rug-making. The irregularities immediately attract attention, as they create a three-dimensional effect of enormous decorative impact.


    The structure itself is organized and compact; however, the combinations of yarns in different colors create a delightfully sumptuous and unpredictable medley.
  • The value of lucidity

    Our metals have been treated with several layers of pigment. The outcome? A colorway that changes in terms of intensity, tones and shades, and varies depending on the incident light, projecting new visuals from every angle. Each piece is authentically unique.

    • Oceano T030
    • Greige opaco T019
    • Nickel nero lucido(polished black nickel) T020


  • 009


    Created for people who desire an environment where the vibrant energy is always positive to recharge the soul, mind and body.
  • VOC_3825

    Irrespective of whether it was sourced in Brazil or in the valleys of northern Italy, the marble stone selected for Vitality has an intense color, a linear structure and contrasting intrusions, resulting in exciting characteristic and unusual veining. Splashes of dark green, natural patterns in colors that range from white to gray, splashes of golden sparkles. Simply and unequivocally unique.

    • Bamboo N059
    • Arabesco N070
  • Oak

    The brown shades of traditional oak are reminiscent of the aromatic coffee, and achieved thanks to a procedure that exalts and reveals the natural veining of this precious timber.


    Our cement Velasca is strong and solid; thanks to the manual brushed finish, it projects a pleasant visual sensation of softness. Each piece is absolutely unique, thanks to its exclusive and total manual-processing.

  • Eva and Brunito

    An almost perfect combination – a technically innovative fabric inspired by the twists and turns of nature; it has an environment-friendly mission, (also expressed through its green color and its 82% recyclability) and its the texture counterbalanced by the simplicity of matte metal.

    • Eva 815
    • Matt burnished T013
  • Jasper

    The twisted linen viscose yarn used in this fabric creates a unique and unusual depth of color, with extraordinarily natural volume and density.


    Elegant, stylish, and incredibly soft - this is an apt description of the double jacquard with the warp and weft yarns in different thickness.
  • Fred

    The visual appearance of extreme softness is confirmed by touch. This special chenille is warm and inviting. It is the perfect upholstery fabric for large comfortable seating units that exude style, elegance and technical know-how. Thanks to the wide choice of colors, it adds a touch of unexpected solidity to the interiors.
  • Shining with light from within

    The sheen and natural silkiness of traditional satin highlight the importance of exclusive jacquard fabrics such as Vermont; produced in a range of unique and characterizing colors, the sheen of the viscose creates perfect equilibrium with the natural qualities of linen.

    • Raso 9697
    • Vermont 833
  • 010


    A full immersion, sensory journey across a palette of eye-catching colours that reflect the personality and strength of character of people who are not afraid to take risks.
  • Coherent choices

    When the options veer towards great color density and saturation of the fabric, the choice should fall on materials that refer to the dominant color. With such a strong foundation, marble - with rich veining in multiple shades of pink, light brown, occasionally a splash of gold – becomes the obvious choice. And the ensemble is completed with various shades of burnished metal.

    • Orobico grey N063
    • Matt burnished T013
    • Yves 807

  • VOC_5248
  • Liquorice

    Porcelain stoneware with an eye-catching and delightfully understated scratched texture.


    When technology is at the service of esthetics, the results are always astonishing. And even more so in the case of this heat-structured product in shades of pale gray and precise wood-effect incisions.
  • Magma par excellence

    The combination of leather and metal is always a winner. In this case, the impact is even greater thanks to the deep red color, created by master craftsmen. They apply several coats to produce a wonderful esthetic effect that changes in intensity, color and nuances depending on the incident light. Our top quality leather has been processed in full respect of the original grain, preserving the signs, swirls and imperfections of the skins – all features that describe the wonderful story of their life.

    • Magma T031
    • Leather PF18
  • William

    Simple, elegant and stylish. The mélange yarn used in both the warp and the weft creates a three-dimensional weave and produces unusual shades of color that is trending and versatile.


    The intrinsic value of the jacquard fabrics such as Vermont in not under discussion. Produced in a range of unique and characterizing colors, the sheen of the viscose is perfectly balanced by the natural properties of linen.
  • 011

    Substance and spirit

    Elegance is synonymous with moderate style. This is the perfect inspiration for people who love surrounding themselves with items and colors that reflect intrinsic inner and outer harmony.
  • Infinite shades for a unique style

    Classical elegance is timeless. In this case, beige has been dyed and given different personalities, from the most basic to the most intricate and complex. There are many stories told by our fabrics, and these preserve their innate coherence in their magnificence and the definition of the details. Nothing is left to chance; everything lies under a style umbrella where we can see ourselves and move naturally.

    • Jasper 821
    • Cliff 825
    • Alexander 813
    • Vermont 835
  • An extra touch

    In the quest for discretion and sobriety, sometimes the details and the finishes add that touch of extreme coherence to the style choices and, if perfection is the ultimate goal, attention should be focused on a key feature, a light source, a color that emerges, in perfect equilibrium with the environment.

    • Leather PF21
    • Glossy gold 0084
    • Gris sablè 0069
    • Calacatta N067
  • Velasca

    Our cement, Velasca, is resistant and solid, and thanks to the hand-brushing, it manages to project a comforting visual sensation of softness. Each piece is absolutely unique because of the total hand processing.

    Private Light

    When technology is at the service of esthetics, the results can sometimes be astonishing. Even more so in this case, in the heat-structured product that is pale and minimalist, with almost imperceptible relief veining.
  • 012


    White. The non colour par excellence is actually a deliberate choice for people who have personality in spades and do not need to prove anything.
  • Velasca

    Our cement Velasca is solid and strong, with delightful soft esthetics thanks to its manual brushed finish. Each piece is unique because it has been totally hand-processed.


    When technology is at the service of esthetics, the results are always astonishing. And even more so in the case of this heat-structured product in shades of pale gray and precise wood-effect incisions.

  • VOC_5248
  • White without limits

    White is a non color that hides multiple chromatic solutions dictated by the materials it is expressed through. This is an innovative fabric, the result of careful research into the primary materials and inspired by twists and turns of nature, and our leathers, exclusively prime quality, processed with full respect of the original grain to preserve the esthetics, the signs, the swirls and the imperfections that contribute to its precious story.

    • Eva 817
    • Leather PF01
  • Jasper

    In twisted linen viscose, this fabric exudes a depth of color that is unique and unusual, creating extraordinarily natural volume and a compact consistency.


    This is one of the most famous marbles in the world, quarried in the heart of the Apuan Alps. This stone is compact and uniform, dotted with sparkly pyrite crystals and gray veining. Elegant, versatile and stylish, it symbolizes both modernity and tradition.
  • Simple design

    Choosing the materials in the appropriate colors is a minor problem yet frequently difficult to resolve. But not so for the minimalists. In this case style is the guide. The ideal backdrop to enhance this attractive scratched porcelain stoneware is the matte metals in shades of gray and white. Simply perfect.

    • Project N022
    • Matt greige T019
    • Matt white T011

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